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photographic manufacturers and suppliers

Links to some of the photographic manufacturers and suppliers whose products I use.

  • nikon imaging global site
    Nikon Imaging is where those super high quality Nikon cameras, Nikkor lenses and Nikon accessories come from.
  • gossen light meters
    The international home of highly accurate and easy to use light meters and spot meters.
  • manfrotto
    The international home of the sturdy Manfrotto tripods, heads, mono pods and accessories for supporting cameras.
  • epson
    The international home of the high quality Epson inkjet printers, ultrachrome K3 inks and some handy multimedia storage viewers for your digital images.
  • eizo graphics monitors
    The international home of the very high quality Eizo ColorEdge graphics monitors. The most accurate graphics monitors available for checking and adjusting your digital images.
  • datacolor spyder management and calibration
    This is where you find the very best colour management and calibration tools for all photographic applications from camera to print. The main Datacolor tools are avaiable in two economical bundles Spyder Capture Pro and Spyder Studio.
  • billingham camera bags
    The international home of the world renowned Billingham camera bags.
  • crumpler camera bags
    Crumpler manufacture all types of bags, including camera bags that don't necessarily look like camera bags. Crumpler camera bags are well thought out and durable.
  • tamrac camera bags
    The international home of Tamrac camera bags and the practical Adventure series backpacks and various pouches.
  • lexar memory cards
    The international home of Lexar memory cards for professional photographers. Lexar memory cards are fast and reliable.
  • fuji colour film
    The international home of Fuji Film, colour film doesn't come any better. I have converted to digital, but I still use film for certain applications.
  • ilford black and white film
    The international site for Ilford black and white film and chemicals. We all learned with it and we are still using it.
  • adobe creative cloud
    The home of Creative Cloud.