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les simmonds links page

Links to companies and organisations that are important to me.

  • photographic manufacturers and suppliers
    A page of links to some of the photographic manufacturers and suppliers whose products I use.
  • les simmonds and associates
    A link to Les Simmonds and Associates CCTV Consultants web site.
  • digital photography review
    Digital photography review is the site where most digital photographic equipment is reviewed. I recommend you check here before you buy any digital photographic equipment.
  • image science
    Image Science offers digital imaging products, services and expertise to quality conscious photographers and printers. If you are interested in high quality digital photography outcomes this is a must visit site.
  • computer darkroom
    Computer darkroom has instructive feature articles, tutorials, reviews and technical discussions relating to film scanning, photoshop, colour management, monitor calibration, and printing with Epson inkjet printers.
  • photo net
    Photo net was started by Philip Greenspun as an outlet for his photographic talent it grew into a large site with lots of information on equipment and techniques and is probably the largest community of photographers online.
  • bjorn rorslett
    Bjorn Rorslett is a professional nature photographer in Oslo, Norway. He carries out professional photography equipment tests, mainly on Nikon.
  • national association of photoshop professionals
    National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) is the web site for Photoshop users. NAPP has over 50,000 members worldwide and is the publisher of the highly acclaimed Photoshop User magazine.
  • layers magazine
    A magazine where you can learn more about Adobe Creative Suite and other Adobe products.
  • aperture foundation
    Aperture Foundation is a non profit arts institution dedicated to advancing fine photography. It publishes Aperture magazine which serves photography users and fine art lovers worldwide.
  • outdoor photographer
    The premier outdoor photography magazine. Some of the worlds top outdoor photographers write for this magazine.
  • digital photo pro
    Digital Photo Pro magazine has in–depth gear reviews, articles on technique and inspiring images, Digital Photo Pro is the professional guide to going digital.
  • jalbum
    The highly popular web album generator developed by David Ekholm. JAlbum is the easiest to use and most powerful tool in this category and it's free! JAlbum runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and others and speaks 28 languages.